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Is your smart phone on the fritz? Cell Phone Repair Daytona - Family Technology Group of Daytona Beach, FL is certified to fix phone problems on all major brands, including iPhone, Samsung, and LG, and we fix all brands currently in use. Our highly experienced team of technicians will, in most cases, have your phone completely repaired while you browse our store. We keep a full stock of all common components so if you need replacement screens, batteries, buttons, even cellphone logic boards, we have them!

Water damage is one of the problems we see most often but even if your phone’s warranty does not cover this type of repair, we will dry it out and replace any damaged parts so that it functions again like new. If your screen is broken, we have capacitive touch screens for every current make and model of phone, including HTC, Motorola, and Blackberry. If your touch screen is ignoring your input, have no worries. We will replace it in a matter of minutes so you can get back online in no time.

While you are waiting for your repairs, please feel free to browse our shop. We sell a wide range of cell phones and cell phone accessories. You can replace your phone with a certified pre-owned phone, which is a great way to upgrade. You can pick up an inexpensive spare phone, or accessorize your current phone. Check out our full line of cases, chargers, and Bluetooth accessories. We also sell screen protectors, styli, and everything you need to make your phone function better and last longer.When you need affordable cell phone repair in Daytona Beach, FL, remember Cell Phone Repair Daytona - Family Technology Group.

We are a certified service center for all iPhones and smart phones.

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